Family owned. Founded on fun.
At Left Coast, we love playgrounds. But even more, we're overjoyed to bring that same love of fun to our customers.

We've been in the wooden playset industry for decades, helping to create countless wonderful memories. In 2018 we decided to bring our industry experience to even more customers. We partnered with the best manufacturers of commercial playground equipment, Left Coast was born, and we're now helping to create even more remarkable childhood memories, one curvy slide and steel post at a time.

Play isn't just essential to a child's development, it's also really, really fun. Fascinating adventures are born on the playground. Exploration and imaginative interaction isn't just super-duper awesome, it also fosters fundamental building-block lessons and social skills key to any young grasshopper's healthy growth.

Left Coast Recreation is committed to excellence. We don't sleep until our customers are satisfied. Let us help find the dream playground you've been searching for. Not any playground will do. It has to be absolutely perfect, and this is our promise to you.