3 Panel Standard Climbing Wall
$7,950.00Sale Price: $7,750.00
Encourage imaginative play with the 3 Panel Standard Wall Climber. They can pretend they are ascending the cliffside of a mountain, be it the treacherous Mt. Everest peak or the Grand Tetons. The 3 Panel Standard Wall Climber provides children ages 5-12 the opportunity to challenge themselves and their physical abilities by climbing to the top of any panel. Provide multiple benefits of climbing, like building on physical and social skills, improving spatial and directional awareness, and boosting hand and foot coordination, agility, and balance. This product may feature three panels, but by being double-sided, it gives any child more choices and areas to explore. Ask a sales representative about customizing the color scheme or layout to best suit your new or existing playground. Introduce this piece of equipment to your outdoor play space to guarantee valuable play experiences for elementary age kids.
  • 6' fall height
  • Age range: 5-12
  • Child capacity: 13-15
  • 13' x 24' Safety Zone Required
National Standards
  • ASTM F1487-17
  • CPSC Guidelines #325