5 Way Snake Climber
$3,725.00Sale Price: $3,525.00
Climbing is a favorite activity and a natural fit for kids. In addition to helping promote grip and core strength, it also helps to foster spatial awareness by allowing them to safely climb up and down without venturing too high for comfort. The 5-Way Snake Climbing Dome is unique among climbers due to the alternating rungs of the ladders, as well as the circular bar at the top, all made from high-quality galvanized steel with a powder coat paint finish. Each of the five winding snake ladders curve to meet at the top to create an exciting dome shape. The coating on this dome climber will stand up to exposure to the outdoor elements and keep its vibrant color for many years. Add the 5-Way Snake Climbing Dome to your playground, and watch kids enjoy a fine piece of playground equipment for years to come.
  • 4' fall height
  • Age range: 5-12
  • Child capacity: 3-5
  • 21' Diameter Safety Zone Required
National Standards
  • ASTM F1487-17
  • CPSC Guidelines #325