Triangle Overhead Ladder Climber
$7,550.00Sale Price: $7,250.00
Avid climbers will thoroughly enjoy the Freestanding Triangle Overhead Climber as they climb around and tower above the rest of the playground. Featuring galvanized steel bars, the Freestanding Triangle Overhead Climber is sturdy and can accommodate multiple users at once. The Overhead Climber also has three ladder entrances to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Whether kids are climbing up, down, or around, the Freestanding Triangle Overhead Climber facilitates great, memorable climbing experiences for kids ages 5-12. The Overhead Climber is sure to add some variety to the existing structures on your playground, and If kids on your playground are bored with typical monkey bars, look no further than the Triangle Overhead Ladder Climber. It offers many ways to climb, including up the ladders, over the triangle or from underneath the structure.
  • 7' fall height
  • Age range: 5-12
  • Child capacity: 12-15
  • 26' x 26' Safety Zone Required
National Standards
  • ASTM F1487-17
  • CPSC Guidelines #325