2 Bay 2 Cantilever Single Post Swingbeam
$4,050.00Sale Price: $3,895.00
The 7/8 feet high Elite Cantilever Swing - 2 Bay 2 Cantilevers guarantees that every child who visits your playground will find a swing that is just right for them. The two central bays each house a pair of swings which hang from long chains to grant them a large range of motion. The two swings beneath the cantilevers at the edges have shorter chains with more spaced-out hangers for a slower, more gentle ride. The central bays are ideal for belt seats, which are good for children ages 2 to 12, while the cantilevers are perfect for bucket seats which are designed to safely contain and support small riders who might have difficulty hanging on.
  • 8' fall height
  • 5 inch post
  • Includes 4 Commercial Belt Swings & 2 Commercial Toddler Swings
  • 43.5' x 32' Safety Zone Required
National Standards
  • ASTM F1487-17
  • CPSC Guidelines #325