4 Bay Single Post Swingbeam with Shade
$27,150.00Sale Price: $25,125.00
The 8 Feet Tall Single Post Swing With Shade - 4 Bays is built to last with its custom powder-coated, galvanized steel frame. Choose between the standard Rainforest Green or Pacific Blue or ask about custom color options to make this swingset a perfect fit for your playground. Children will have a blast soaring up into the air by using their arms and legs, which builds their motor skills, coordination and body awareness. The four bay system encourages both imaginative play and social interaction as kids swing together. Additionally, incorporating the shade with this swing eliminates the need to search for a separate suitable shade. Longer durations of swinging is possible with this bundle, as kids won’t have to worry about getting sunburns or overheated by the harsh UV rays from the sun. Make your playground a destination by adding the 8 Feet Elite Single Post Swing With Shade - 4 Bays to your playground.
  • 8' fall height
  • 5 inch pos
  • Includes 8 Commercial Belt Swings & Shade
  • 60' x 32' Safety Zone Required
National Standards
  • ASTM F1487-17
  • CPSC Guidelines #325